Your Future with ThyssenKrupp North America's U.S. Group Companies

ThyssenKrupp boasts a strong and lasting presence in North America, particularly in the United States. Its operations can be found in 42 states in the U.S. There are approximately 300 locations in the U.S., accounting for more than 15,000 employees and contributing to annual North American sales of $9.8 billion (fiscal year 2011/2012). From inventing the wheel to landing on the moon — it's monumental challenges like these that inspire us to achieve great things. And we want to shape the future when it comes to mobility, infrastructures, climate change, and the environment. At ThyssenKrupp North America's U.S. Group Companies, we provide our employees with everything they need to tackle tomorrow’s challenges: appealing work on trend-setting projects, teams that get along with one another, and the latitude for personal development. Innovative processes, original products, and a genuine sense of purpose — that's what makes our company truly special.


At ThyssenKrupp North America's U.S. Group Companies, quality ranks first and foremost in everything we do. It isn't just about creating top-quality products you'll find nowhere else. There's more to it. It's about accomplishing things and achieving results where others throw up their hands. Regardless of whether you make the impossible possible as an engineer at ThyssenKrupp North America's U.S. Group Companies, galvanize one of our teams in our commercial divisions, or are just beginning to let your talent shine — for every small step we take together to reach our shared goals, you also move closer to achieving your own professional goals.


Discover how a solid track record and a cutting-edge mentality live productively under one roof — in a company which lives up to its corporate social responsibility and is a pillar of reliability for its employees. Come for the technology we offer you at ThyssenKrupp North America's U.S. Group Companies – and stay for the corporate citizenship, the cost-efficient way of doing business, and the environmental standards we set.